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D.C.'s District Taco to open 3rd area spot with more planned in 2019

District Taco CEO and co-founder Osiris Hoil has plans to operate as many as 20 locations and employ about 600 people by 2020, and the Pennsylvania market will play a part in that goal.

Philadelphia Business Journal - November 8 2018

Using his mom’s recipes, this Mexican immigrant became the D.C. taco king

Hoil, 33, has gone from cook-cashier-order taker-cleanup man to a white-shirted executive who employs more than 300 people in the District and Northern Virginia.

Washington Post - January 7 2016

District Taco Planning South Arlington Location

Today, meanwhile, District Taco opened a new location along Route 7 in Bailey’s Crossroads, not far from Arlington’s Wakefield High School. The first 50 people in line were to receive a free meal and a swag bag, according to the press release (below).

ARL now - November 21, 2016

From construction job layoff to 7 restaurants, an immigrant's path to success

"I love to show people what's possible — so I never give up," Hoil said. And his story proves it.

CNBC - April 12 2016

District Taco to expand beyond the D.C. area, court investors

The homegrown taqueria has been growing within the DMV for the past few years, and now is ready to take on a new market.

Washington Business Journal - August 7 2017

District Taco Comes To Silver Spring

“It's about time our amigos in Montgomery County got a DT of their own. We like fun communities with a lot of energy and Silver Spring definitely has that!” Osiris Hoil, the CEO and co-founder, wrote in a press release statement. “Silver Spring has been on our radar for a long time.”

Bethesda Magazine - March 13 2018

District Taco Joins the East Market Project in Center City

Osiris Hoil started District Taco as a food truck in Arlington, Virginia, just outside D.C., in 2009. The fast-casual restaurant, which serves Yucatan-style fare, is now in Virginia, D.C., Maryland, and Pennsylvania. This will be the first Philly location.

Eater Philadelphia - Jan 04 2018

Rosslyn Is Your Place for Breakfast Tacos

The hand-bite has what few tacos possess: real crunch. It's provided by the tiny crumbles of crispy bacon, which contrast perfectly with the fluffy yellow curds. But that Valladolid-style sausage (called chorizo on the menu) plays a vital role here: It provides a gentle spice and releases small pools of orange-colored, paprika-stained grease, which add both depth of flavor and aromatics to what often is a fairly bland bite.

Washington City Paper - November 19 2009

District Taco will finally live up to its name this spring

Hoil hopes to bring a genuine taste of his native Yucatan to the historic building, although he notes the authenticity of one’s experience at any District Taco is completely dependent on the customer. Each can choose between flour and corn tortillas, not to mention a variety of meats and toppings.

Washington Post - January 31 2012

District Taco to Open in Riverdale Park This Fall

“People aren’t shy about speaking up on locations they’d like to see us in,” spokeswoman Abby Campbell told the Hyattsville Wire. “We’ve had a lot of people pushing for us to be in that area for a while.”

The Hyattsville Wire - September 8 2017

District Taco Opens In Tyson's Corner

District Taco traditionally celebrates each grand opening by giving back to the surrounding community and nonprofit organizations. For the Tysons Corner opening, District Taco will donate a portion of the day’s profits to Wolf Trap Animal Rescue.

The Connection - May 31 2017

Not Your Abuelita’s Taco Truck: District Taco Opens a Restaurant and Goes All Chipotle

Not long ago, District Taco worked nothing like a Chipotle. For one thing, it had wheels. People fell in love with the cart for Hoil’s cochinita pibil, stuffed into tacos and sandwiches. Every Yucatec grandmother has her own twist on the dish, which involves slow-cooked pork marinated in red chili paste, garlic, and orange and lime juices. The dish, alas, is sadly absent from the restaurant menu for now. And therein lies a story.

Washington City Paper - December 22 2010

District Taco Now Open for Business in Old Town

Owner Osiris Hoil was born and raised in Mexico's Yucatan peninsula in the small town of Tekax. He came to the United States in 1999, and became a U.S. citizen two years ago, after first applying in 2004, according to ARLnow. He started his restaurant business as a food truck five years ago, after getting laid off as a construction worker.

Patch - Dec 19 2014


Sheila Interviews District Taco Co Founder Osiris Hoil

Sheila Zelghi, CEO of Sheila & Company of Samson Properties, interviewed District Taco Co-Founder Osiris Hoil on pursuing the American Dream. Watch Sheila talk with Osiris about following his passion and what it took to create his renown Washington, D.C. eatery District Taco, now with 12 locations throughout the District, Maryland, Virginia and Pennsylvania.

Sheila Zelghi - September 25 2018

WBR District Taco

CEO & co-founder Osiris Hoil on his journey from being laid off to becoming a successful businessman with a growing restaurant chain.

ABC 7 - June 21 2015

Pentagon Row | Zip Trip: District Taco

Osiris Hoil, owner of District Taco, joined us during our FOX 5 Zip Trip to Pentagon Row!

FOX - July 17 2017