California (Burrito)! Here We Come!

You asked, we answered! Along with a new and improved menu, we’re unveiling another new menu item, the California Burrito! The California Burrito originated in San Diego during the 1980s and has become a staple of Cal-Mex cuisine. It traditionally consists of carne asada, french fries, cheese, and guacamole or sour cream. We’ve upped the ante and added our own D.C. twist by stuffing ours with carne asada, guacamole, chipotle mayo, rice, black beans, and potatoes, all wrapped in a flour tortilla!

Our inspiration came from our amazing customers! While you can always build your own fully customizable burrito, Burrito Desnudo, or Burrito Mojado, we had been looking for another specialty burrito option to add to our favorites. Once we heard about the California Burrito from a few of our customers, we couldn’t wait to try one out for ourselves. So, we made one, took one bite—and loved it. We know that our customers love a good burrito and would not have the Cali Burrito without you!

David Jacobs was one of our customers who alerted us to this delectable burrito. A friend of our very own Chris Medhurst, VP of Finance and Operations, David first had a California Burrito in 1997, and it has since become one of his favorite meals. A native San Diegan and self-described Burrito Expert with over 25 years of burrito eating experience, David says the key to the Cali Burrito comes down to one word: synergy.

“Synergy is realized when the traditional carne asada burrito is updated with potatoes and guacamole,” he said.

The balance of the different flavors and textures allow for an out-of-this-world burrito experience. The results?  “A whole new level of satisfaction,” David said.

One of our favorite ingredients in this burrito is our chipotle mayo, which you might recognize from our delicious Fish Tacos. It adds a slightly spicy kick that goes great with our flavorful carne asada and refreshing guac! The most unique ingredient, however, has to be the potatoes. Fans of our breakfast tacos will know that potatoes taste fantastic in tortillas. While not often found in burritos, the crispy, golden potatoes are what make the California Burrito so unique!

“I’m gonna tell everybody I know!” David said. “I’ve never really seen this burrito offered in the D.C. area. You’re gonna make a lot of California natives very happy with this!”

We could not be more excited to introduce a little West Coast flair into our restaurants! You can try the new California Burrito today at all of our locations!

Another one unleashed! We are so excited to share these new offerings with you and to bring another new favorite item to our menu for you to enjoy! We hope you stop by and try the California Burrito soon! To add to the excitement, burritos will soon be an option for our Mexican Catering as well! Follow along with our TwitterInstagram, and Facebook pages for all the new & exciting updates coming our way! 

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