District Taco Donated 2000 Burritos to National Guard

District Taco Donated 2000 Burritos to National Guard


District Taco donated 2000 burritos to the National Guard and members of the Capitol Police Monday. Images of service people on duty in the Capitol Building have circulated the internet and inspired District Taco leadership to help. 

Throughout December, District Taco offered menu item “Buy One Give One Burrito,” which offered customers the option to buy a burrito they could immediately enjoy with the knowledge that District Taco would pledge to donate a burrito in January. 

“We were so excited to have sold 2000 ‘BOGO Burritos’ in December, and now we get to give back right away thanks to community support!” says Osiris Hoil, CEO and Co-Founder of District Taco. “When I saw the brave servicemen and women protecting the Capitol building, I knew exactly where I wanted those pledged burritos to go.” 

The 2000 burritos were available in “grab-and-go” style for the troops to take as they pleased. The burritos were so popular that supply ran out long before the allotted lunch hours were up. 

District Taco has a substantial history of community support and outreach, including donating hundreds of burritos to essential workers, including hospitals, toxicologists, and food bank workers, throughout October and November. They are proud to continue this work even as the restaurant industry has been impacted by COVID-19. 

“Thanks to the support of our community, our restaurants are still open,” says Hoil. “We’re thrilled for the opportunity to give back, and to continue hiring and growing as demand continues to go up.”  

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