DT Racing Fuels with District Taco

Here at District Taco we love to stay fit, active, and healthy. You can often catch our corporate team in the middle of a yoga session, our logo featured at a race around town, or a DT Racing team member riding around the neighborhood. Like any other athlete, the DT Racing team needs healthy and delicious food options to keep them going and to help their bodies recover after a strenuous workout! They let us in on how District Taco fits into their pre and post workout routine.

The key to getting ready for a big ride is to eat something light and full of protein! Of course, caffeine is essential as well.

"A Swings coffee and 1 or 2 Healthy Breakfast Tacos with egg whites is enough to get moving," says one of the team members.

DT Racing team members burn anywhere from 1500-3000 calories with each ride. That kind of cardio calls for some serious refuel. 

"Post ride is where the fun begins! The Huevos Rancheros, or a Burrito Desnudo - complete with rice and a lean protein like the Pollo Asado, are healthy, delicious, go-to recovery meals for us," the team says. "We are also known to splurge on chips and Guacamole after an especially hard ride or race."

District Taco doesn't just offer great options for health conscious customers, we also strive to provide an excellent customer experience. 

"The atmosphere and the people are what make District Taco special. The staff is always so welcoming and friendly, and customers are always enthusiastic about interacting with us," the team says. 

If you ever find yourself on a bike or on a run and need to get your District Taco fix, there are plenty of locations near by. The team's favorite is our Rosslyn location.

"Many of the best trails and roads for riding start and end near Rosslyn and Georgetown - which makes the Rosslyn District Taco a perfect meet up spot or lunch stop after a ride," says the DT Racing team.

Have a bike with you? No problem! The DT Racing Team will tell you, District Taco is always welcoming of customers and their bikes for safe keeping.

Check out the DT Racing team on their Instagram page! Do you have a go to District Taco pre or post workout meal? Share it with us on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook!

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