Exhale Your Worries

Feeling fatigued? Stretch your legs! Feeling stressed? Scream at the top of your lungs!

CEO and co-owner of District Taco, Osiris, is a big proponent of health in both body and spirit and these are just a few of his strategies. We have a few more strategies for tackling the many challenges we face on a day to day basis.

1. Take time for yourself

Finding a hobby can be an excellent way to escape from reality. Several employees at District Taco have unique ways of unwinding after work. Our Controller, Julie, chooses to dance the stress away in a ballet class. Our Vice President plays water polo. More than one of our employees are involved in competitive cycling. There are countless ways for you to take some time away!

2. Talk about it

Osiris is a big advocate of shouting your emotions from the roof tops. Whether you're feeling great about yourself or having an off day, he encourages you to express it. He often gathers all the corporate employees outside to scream out their emotions.

3. Learn from others

Most importantly, DT encourages employees to try and learn new things. Whether it's getting centered in a yoga class, pushing yourself in a spinning class, or watching an inspirational TEDTalk, there are always new ways to approach your well being.

Amigos, there are always new and better ways to live a healthy life! We hope that you have a happy and balanced week! Check out our social media sites for some weekly motivation.



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