A New (and Improved) Way to Fiesta

A New (and Improved) Way to Fiesta

BREAKING NEWS! We revamped the District Taco catering menu to be more user-friendly, flexible, and fun in order to best serve our customers. Highlighted below are the changes we’ve made.

1. THE NAMES. Our original format is called “Build-Your-Own-Taco”. This format includes having the protein inside the tortilla - and each taco is individually wrapped (and then packed in plastic trays) for easy serving. We include lettuce, cheese, pico de gallo and salsa on the side, so that your guests can top the tacos as they prefer. All the sides or other toppings are added a la carte. This name was perfect - - until we added “Taco Bar” - a format where everything is fully deconstructed and set up in chafing pans - a fully inclusive buffet featuring tortillas, proteins, beans, rice, grilled veggies, chips and salsa, and toppings of lettuce, cheese, pico de gallo, sour cream and guacamole. We’ve come to realize that these names are confusing - asking a customer to choose whether they want the “Build-Your-Own-Taco” format, or the format where you build your own tacos… what?! Apologies. We still will have both great options - but now will have the original format called “Build-Your-Own” and our full buffet line setup renamed “Fiesta Bars” - because it’s perfect regardless of what your Fiesta (party) may be.

2. MORE OPTIONS. Our buffet line set up, (Fiesta Bar) is our most popular option. It tends to be a favorite because we make sure to include everything you need for a very complete meal - you don’t have to think about or ask your group their various preferences - we make sure to include it all. Our taco buffet was such a hit, and we decided you need more options. Having a healthy get-together? Shoot for our SALAD FIESTA BAR. Late afternoon meeting to boost the team? Weekend party at the house? How about our NACHO FIESTA BAR to make fully-loaded nachos. Early day at your company, or brunch with the family? Let’s get you set up with our BREAKFAST FIESTA BAR for some delicious breakfast tacos. And of course, our most popular - the LUNCH/DINNER TACO FIESTA BAR - which is perfect for any and every occasion. 

3. MORE FLEXIBILITY. Everyone has different preferences -and we can accommodate them all! With that in mind, we are no longer restricting your protein selections. If you want one of our breakfast proteins with lunch - perfect, add bacon or chorizo as one of your protein selections. Do you have a vegetarian group? You can now select a bulk order of guacamole as one of your proteins. We’ve changed our order form to make this much clearer, so make sure to check it out. 

4. SIZING. It’s always been our top priority to provide you with the freshest, best-quality ingredients. With food costs having risen significantly, we had to adjust our prices accordingly. You won’t see increased prices listed. Rather than charging you more, we decided to adjust our sizes. We’ve always wanted to include a bit extra out of our desire to make sure your group is well-fed and you don’t run out. But it serves our customers better to give you an accurate estimation and a proper quantity. So our bulk sides will now serve 10 people, and the fiesta bar will be enough for 10 people. Less math for you, more clarity. Easy, peasy, tacos please-y!

Check out our new order forms online and contact our catering team with any questions at catering@districttaco.com. We look forward to serving you at your next fiesta soon! 

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