District Taco Can Help You Celebrate While Staying Safe!

District Taco Can Help You Celebrate While Staying Safe!

Friends, family, strangers - we’ve missed you. Don’t get us wrong; we are grateful for all your continued support during these unprecedented times. Whatever your “normal” looks like right now - we love being part of it. If you’re having socially distant summer celebrations or office luncheons, we would love to join in with you through DT catering, rebuilding community one “normal event” at a time.  

We miss you, and we miss life as we knew it. This has been a humbling time of reflection. Silver linings for many of us have been extra time with our families and with ourselves. We’ve been able to focus on our goals, knockout at-home projects, and find new ways to connect with the people we care about (who’s more grateful for technology than they’ve ever been? We’re right there with you!). 

These days are a time of transition, where we are starting to move into what feels almost normal. As we resume life, whether it’s the old normal or a new normal, let’s all remember what matters most; friends, family, community. Together, we are powerful! Some of us are going back to the office, to summer school and camp, or to our favorite restaurants and shops. Some of us are staying at home - working remotely and hunkering down for coming time. Life right now is unpredictable, messy, but we all know we’re in it together

We look forward to serving you now and in the future, however it may look. For more information on our catering options, reach out to catering@districttaco.com. Amigos, stay well, and we’ll see you soon! ÒRALE! 

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