District Taco Partners with GiftAMeal to Help Feed People in Need in Their Communities

District Taco Partners with GiftAMeal to Help Feed People in Need in Their Communities

Beginning July 18, 2022, every photo of District Taco meals shared via the GiftAMeal app will provide a healthy meal to a local person in need. District Taco, a Yucatán style Mexican food chain with fourteen locations in Washington D.C, Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania, will make a difference in each of their neighborhoods by partnering with GiftAMeal. Once a customer downloads the GiftAMeal app and posts a photo of their food, GiftAMeal will donate to a local food bank. Guests can provide additional meals by sharing photos on their own social media accounts. 


“It is a pillar of our company to support our local communities in every way possible,” said Director of Marketing, Melanie Koch. “We strive to become an active member of every community we enter, and GiftAMeal gives us a fun and meaningful way to do that. Customers are already posting photos of District Taco food every day, so now we can make those posts result in more than just likes and shares. They are going to directly feed local people in need.” 


In addition to GiftAMeal, District Taco also actively participates with Too Good To Go, a mobile app that connects customers to restaurants and stores that have unsold food surplus for a small cost. So far this year, District Taco has saved 3,619 meals and 9.05 tons of CO2 through the program. The company has also provided complimentary meals to the National Guard, members of the Capitol Police, elementary schools, and other local heroes.


"We are here to help restaurants make a positive difference in the communities they serve," said Andrew Glantz, founder and CEO of GiftAMeal. "When we began our mission to heal hunger with photos, our greatest hope was to show the world how easy it can be to make a difference. District Taco is making that difference by offering the program to the thousands of customers they see each day. If even ten percent of them post photos, that’s going to make a big difference to a lot of people."

Celebrating their thirteenth year in business, District Taco owns and operates restaurants in Maryland, Pennsylvania, District of Columbia, and Virginia.

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