Five Places to Take DT in the DMV

Five Places to Take DT in the DMV

Our restaurants can get a little busy sometimes, especially around peak hours. So, we're encouraging you to take District Taco to go and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine! We’ve found five great locations for you within walking distance of our restaurants to sit back, relax, and enjoy that 30 minutes of freedom provided by your lunch break. So get out there, bask in the sun, and get some delicious tacos on a perfect day!

1. The National Mall- Washington Monument

Our obvious first choice has to be the place that makes our beautiful city unique and one of a kind, the National Mall. We know you most likely can’t make it there and back on your 30 minute lunch break, but if you have a bit of extra time one day, it is well worth the trip. The Washington Monument is just a short sixteen minute walk from our Metro Center location. The view, the breeze, and the abundance of space make this a lunch spot to brag about, insta about, and share with all of your amigos. It is the only place in the world with that view. And ya know what… that’s pretty cool.

                   Photo Credit: @brooksappetit on Instagram 

2. Fort Reno Park, D.C.

The highest geographical point in D.C., this park is a quick five minutes from our Tenleytown location and has a baseball field, tennis courts, and a music venue that hosts a summer concert series. It is also home to Cartwheel Tower, a historic landmark that was once a secret government communications facility during the Cold War. With rolling green hills and plenty of space to spread out, Fort Reno Park is a great spot for a DT picnic! Extra guac to go, please!


3. Dupont Circle, D.C.

A popular destination in Northwest D.C., this famous park is just seven minutes from our Dupont restaurant! Its iconic marble fountain was dedicated in 1921 and is surround by benches and a shaded lawn. The center point of a vibrant and diverse neighborhood, Dupont Circle is a great spot for a quick lunch break that almost makes you feel like you’ve escaped the city for a few minutes… almost. Kick back, relax, and enjoy the shade on a roasty city day.

    Dupont Circle

4. The Capitol, D.C.

Our Eastern Market location is surrounded by parks! And if you're up for a bit of a walk, there is no better spot than outside the Capitol Building itself. With benches and trees galore, it is the ideal spot for a lunch bite. But if you don't have the time for that walk, there are plenty of spots right by the restaurant to find some shade to enjoy your meal. Our favorite is Market Park, which is only four minutes from our restaurant. With views of the Capitol, you get the feel of being #soDC without being fully in the middle of it. It is also right at the Eastern Market metro stop so you can get your taco fix before jetting off to your next great adventure!

                The Capitol 

A bit further away, you can find Marion Park which has plenty of benches as well as a small playground for kids to run around in, all surrounded by historic Capitol Hill townhouses. Head a block west for Folger Park and Providence Parks, which have large lawns and beautiful trees to sit under. A little further away? Head over to Garfield or Lincoln Parks for even more room to spread out! So many options! 

5. Hillside Park, V.A.

On the other side of the bridge? Not a problem. A small oasis surrounded mainly by apartment buildings, Hillside Park is only five minutes from our Rosslyn location and has a short walking path through a canopy of trees. There are both benches and tables to sit at, and the park is dog-friendly provided your dog is on a leash. Dogs, DT, & shade? The ideal combination. Head here for some shade on a hot summer day!

We love exploring our community neighborhoods and finding hidden gems that remind us why we love D.C.! Do you have a good spot to eat District Taco that isn't mentioned here? Have you had DT's Mexican catering in a park for a fiesta? Let us know- we'd love to check it out! Stay posted on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more insider tips just like this!
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