Fresh Fish, and Where to Find It (Hint: Your Local DT!!)

Fresh Fish, and Where to Find It (Hint: Your Local DT!!)

At District Taco, we only serve the best. That's why the fish we use is wild-caught Alaska pollock, which we grill to perfection daily. Like many of our ingredients, we made the conscious decision to upgrade and provide you a meal you can feel good about - both when it comes to your health, and to the environment. 

When fish are able to swim free (not packed together in a farming tank), they’re able to build up muscle, leaving our customers with a healthier, leaner meal than restaurants that use low-quality, farmed fish. Farmed fish are also given antibiotics, which eating wild-caught fish helps us avoid coming into contact with.

Farmed fishing also wreaks havoc on the environment. Fish farms create incredibly devastating amounts of pollution that are released into both the air and sea. Fresh-caught fish, like our Alaska pollock, are a native species that are part of the natural ecosystem. 

When the Alaska pollock arrives at District Taco, they are specially marinated to compliment every menu item we serve, from tacos to salad to nachos! The fish is charred and seasoned to perfection, and makes a delicious addition to any meal. We even offer a pre-perfected Fish Taco (meaning we took the guesswork out of which toppings would be best!). Pictured above, our Fish Taco is topped with pico de gallo, cabbage, and a smoky, creamy chipotle mayo of our own design.

Whether ordering from our "Favorites," or building your own, be sure to add grilled fish to your meal tonight! 

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