Itza - Beyond Carne is a "go" for launch (or lunch)

Itza - Beyond Carne is a "go" for launch (or lunch)


New Year, New You, New Itza! We are so excited to introduce our newest menu item, Itza - Beyond Carne. The plant-based vegan protein made with Beyond Meat is now available at all District Taco locations!

By working with Beyond Meat, we were able to create a vegan option that looks and tastes great and also satisfies those that are seeking an option that is similar to ground beef. Itza has 14 grams of protein per serving, beating out many current meat-based menu items. Itza is soy-free, gluten-free, and non-GMO. This Beyond Meat formula is made from a base of pea-protein, and is cooked with fresh vegetables and spices for a flavor unique to District Taco.

“For over a decade since we founded District Taco, my family and I have been trying to reduce our personal consumption of meat for health and environmental reasons. Our new Itza recipe not only satisfies that craving for ground beef in a taco or burrito, it nails it,” adds Marc Wallace, District Taco’s Co-Founder, “I’m confident that vegetarians, vegans and meat-eaters alike will love Itza.”

We are committed to being a delicious, accommodating dining option for all customers. Our current menu offers many options for those with specific dietary needs and we are thrilled to be adding a new vegan protein to their repertoire.

“It brings us great joy to expand our menu with more healthy offerings for those looking to decrease meat consumption,” says Osiris Hoil, District Taco CEO and Co-Founder. “We want to make sure to have an innovative, delicious menu that appeals to all customers, regardless of dietary preferences or restrictions.”

Diners can find full nutritional and ingredient information on the District Taco here on our website, along with an interactive nutrition calculator for those interested in viewing the details of their customized meals.

“District Taco is proud to be a restaurant chain that caters to absolutely everyone,” Hoil says. “Our goal is to have fresh, healthy options for anyone craving an authentic Mexican meal.”

Stop by one of our restaurants and try it today! 

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