La Vida en District Taco: We're Now Hiring!

Now hiring! We sat down with General Manager of our Dunn Loring location, Naldid, to talk about her experience working at District Taco so far. And (spoiler alert) we think she likes it! She can’t stop smiling! For more information about how you can kick off your smile filled career at one of our new locations in King of Prussia Town Center, PA or Riverdale Park, MD, check out our Careers Page.


District Taco: Tell me a little bit about your DT story. Do you remember your first day at DT? What was it like?

Naldid: I received my training in DuPont. Because I had previous fast-casual experience, everything was familiar but the menu was so different, so I started as a cashier. I wasn’t used to how many premium toppings were offered at District Taco. Being a cashier was the right place to learn what was happening at District Taco, what was on the menu, what everyone was having, and what catering was like.

DT: How did it compare to other restaurants you have worked at?

N: I moved up quickly. I was an Assistant Manager on a Thursday and I was here in Dunn Loring as GM on Monday.

It was a hard first week, but on the Friday of that second week, my manager told me how impressed he was with me. The feedback and the encouragement, that was different.

DT: What is your favorite part about working for DT?

N: I like that there is so much support at DT and everyone is working together to make it a better place. That’s what makes me stay. I want to be a master at every station and know everything I can so that I can help with preparation, or play any other role. I want to know that I have the right person in each spot and I need them to care and have the passion. The front of the house starts in the back. When I have a new person start I say to them I want you to do this with your heart, to do this for your family, to do this for you.

DT: What makes you the proudest about working here the last few months?

N: Just getting the opportunity to be a General Manager in general. I love being the person that fixes everything, to teach everything, to delegate, and to see where each person fits. It’s like shaping the restaurant. It gives me the opportunity to support my people and change what needs to be done to better them. I like being there for them and being the person they can rely on. I can be honest, professional, and friendly with them and I can give them an answer to anything myself. I feel good as a GM.

DT: What’s your favorite DT meal?

N: Nachos Borrachos with Carne Asada and Guacamole. I love it! Because the Queso is so good!

DT: What would you tell a prospective new hire about DT to convince them that this is the best place to work?

N: We have opportunities to grow upward, we have opportunities to learn, and we have a great menu! We enjoy it, we like what we are doing, and it’s a different place. Everybody knows what they are doing and I feel like I am appreciated. I get feedback all the time of “you’re doing great” or “keep doing what you’re doing.” The affirmation is good, it keeps us going, keeps us inspired to learn more, and keeps us growing as a person too. So the opportunities. Definitely the opportunities. 


For more up-to-date information on the opening of our new King of Prussia, PA & Riverdale Park, MD locations, check out our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! We will be hosting hiring events on October 25th & 26th from 9am-5pm in King of Prussia, PA and October 30th & November 1st from 12pm-5pm in Riverdale Park, MD. For more on how to apply, please click here

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