Super (BIG) Bowls of DT Favorites

Super (BIG) Bowls of DT Favorites

It’s time for the big game! The teams are finalized, the field is ready, the balls are being inflated, halftime show is set, and your parties are scheduled. You know who you’re cheering for (don’t forget to add Adam Levine and the rest of Maroon 5 to the mix)! The only question left, perhaps the most important question of all... 


Forget about those mini hot dogs and slow cooker meatballs. We all saw “This Is Us” - you don’t need those vibes on game day! Honestly, forget about cooking and clean up altogether - we’ve got you covered.

It might seem ironic, but the best All-American snack food - we kid you not, MEXICAN! And the best Mexican food we even have to ask? We have taco catering, burrito catering, and the real star of this highlights reel - our chips and dips. What’s better than excitedly watching the game on your tv while scarfing down some chips and queso? Or maybe comforting yourself with a little food therapy courtesy of our guacamole?

It doesn’t get any easier than catering your game day party with District Taco. Oh wait, yes it does. We don’t want you to miss any of those commercials, okay, or the game, so we’ll bring the food to you. FO’ FREE! That’s right - free delivery for your favorite Mexican catering on game day. You might have ninety-nine problems, but food ain’t one. So chip, chip, hooray for your team and your fiesta. We look forward to cheering alongside you.

For more information or to place your order, send us an e-mail at and we'll get you set up to receive free delivery!

Game day problems solved! We are so excited to share this game day promotion with you and bring some of your favorite Mexican Catering items to the party! Check out all of our options right here on the catering menu! Follow along with our TwitterInstagram, and Facebook pages for all the new & exciting updates coming our way!

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