Un Poco De Inspiración: DT Post Workout Meals

At District Taco, we value health just as much as we do delicious tacos. We want our customers to find healthy and nutritional items in our restaurants and encourage everyone to stay active!

Not only does District Taco seek athletic teams and competitions to sponsor (including DT Racing), but our District Taco corporate team exercises together once a week! So, we figured that they would be experts on some great District Taco post workout meals!

Some members of our District Taco corporate team after their weekly workout. This was Yoga week. Namaste, amigos! 

"Huevos Rancheros, no cheese, no sour cream, no black beans. Add Carne Asada and extra eggs with veggies and guac! Oh and Swings Diplomat coffee." - Osiris, CEO and Co-owner
"Post run guac!" - Rachel, Corporate Sales Associate
"Ensalada Yucateca with extra Pollo Asado, egg whites, black beans, pico, and guac!" - Alberto, Regional Manager
"Burrito Desnudo with Pollo Asado, no black bleans, lettuce, cheese, pico, pineapple, and guac!" - Abby, Sales Manager
"Basic breakfast tacos, no potatoes, add guac and black beans!"-Leigh, Staff Accountant 
Your turn, amigos! What's your favorite DT post workout meal?? Share with us on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram!




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  • I love district taco!! I’ve been a long time customer (in Alexandria) and I’m so excited you’re opening near Tysons. BTW, I’m also a kick ass lawyer with my own practice focusing on DC start-ups. If you have legal needs and you’re sick of paying the crazy law firm rates, we need to talk. :-)


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