Un Poco De Inspiración: Internships and Beyond

This month we’re excited to shine a spotlight on Joel Juarez-Lopez! Originally from Guatemala, Joel moved to the United States to major in Economics with a minor in Business Administration. He started working at our Yorktown location in the Summer of 2016, and has worked his way up from prep cook to Accounting Intern! Joel's time at District Taco is just the beginning of an exciting career as he continues to follow his dreams!

Tell us your District Taco Story!

“After finishing my first year in college, I needed some money and I started looking for a job. A few days later a friend of mine told me that District Taco was hiring, so I applied for a cashier position. However, they only had prep cook positions open at the time, so I took the job. After a few weeks working as a prep cook, I was promoted to line cook.

At the end of the summer I stopped working and went back to school with the idea that I was coming back to work for District Taco because their story had inspired me and strengthened my beliefs that if you work hard for what you want, you can accomplish anything. After my second year of college ended, I applied again and was rehired as a cashier. This time I wanted to learn more about business management, so I spoke with CEO and Co-founder, Osiris, about internship opportunities. Two weeks later he told me that I was being promoted as an intern in the accounting department!”

What are your career goals?

“I love working at District Taco, and it would be awesome to continue working there after I graduate. However, my career goal is having my own business.”

How has District Taco’s story helped to influence your own career goals?

“Osiris' story. He started from scratch and now he is the CEO. If he did it, anyone can do it. You just have to believe in your dreams. I am where I am today because I believed and worked hard for what I wanted. So, if I work hard to have my business, I strongly believe I will have it.”

What's your favorite meal at District Taco?

“Healthy Tacos!”

What is your favorite part of working for District Taco?

“Friendly and hardworking people and the new things I’m learning.“

At District Taco, we build our team with hardworking, determined, and driven individuals. It's team members like Joel that represent the core of District Taco's values. There's nothing more important than passion for success and for tacos, por supuesto! Everything is possible, amigos!!

If you're interested in a career with District Taco, visit our careers page!

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