Un Poco De Inspiración: Rediscover the DT Menu

At District Taco, we take pride in the fact that customers can customize our menu to their preferences, cravings, and curiosities. This being said, everyone can fall into the habit of ordering the same thing. We are here to help with this problem amigos!!! We want to offer you some District Taco menu inspiration and remind you that the possibilities are endless! We asked some of our corporate employees to share their oddest, most delicious DT creations.

Now go out to the nearest District Taco and let your creative juices flow!! Our menu is your canvas and you are the artists, amigos!!!

"Ensalada Yucateca con bacon, black beans, and tomatoes." This is a favorite of Kevin's, Assistant Accountant. Delicious, simple, and yet, so unexpected. This take on our Ensalada is like a Mexican twist on a summer salad.


"Healthy breakfast tacos (egg whites) con carne asada, pico de gallo, and Mestizo salsa." This is the favorite of Regional Manager, Onye. He calls it the Protein Punch! 


While we're talking about desayuno, our Corporate Sales Associate, Rachel's favorite is a "Burrito Desnudo con egg whites, no rice, light black beans, grilled veggies, extra pico, and a bit of cheese." "It's almost like a DT omelette!", she says.


Our Staff Accountant, Leigh, goes for this interesting combination of toppings."Quesadilla con potatoes, cheese, bacon, and side of sour cream." We like to call this the "Loaded Baked Potato Quesadilla".


This is the creation of our Head Chef, Eric. If anyone should know the best DT creation, it's him! "Barbacoa taco con cabbage, cilantro, lime juice, and some extra hot habanero." We only ask that you proceed with caution with the last topping.


Alex, another Regional Manager, swears by this odd burrito combo. "Burrito con chicken, bacon, shrimp, no beans, cheese, and sour cream."


The man himself, Osiris, CEO and Co-founder, reveals his favorite. "Burrito Desnudo con carne asada y pollo asado, no beans, cabbage, pico de gallo, grilled veggies, guac, and Mestizo salsa."

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